My mother had her tooth extracted yesterday. I just wanted to mention that all went well and to express my gratitude for this wonderful service you provide. The elderly and mobility challenged persons face many impediments when requiring medical services. They are also not the easiest to treat. My wife was on hand during the treatment and was impressed with your professionalism. I commend you and your staff for your care and commitment to the elderly.

ML, Coquitlam

The mobile dentistry service as a concept is a very sound one -- almost indispensable, really -- and the manner in which your team delivered such was, again, top-notch. There's likely little doubt the tooth extraction saved my mother from potentially considerable discomfort down the road, and absolutely no doubt that it provided me and the rest of my family with considerable comfort knowing that the problematic tooth had been properly dealt with.

"M", Vancouver

I am writing to you on behalf of my family in order to express our thanks for the overall professionalism your team demonstrated as they performed a tooth extraction on my mother. The team arrived at the scheduled time, worked efficiently, and helpfully answered our numerous queries around the pros and cons of opting for a tooth extraction vs. leaving the tooth in (and monitoring for infection). All in all, quite impressive.

ML, Bowen Island


Please know that we are very pleased with your professionalism and compassion towards our residents. It¹s a pleasure working together with you and your team!

HL, Director of Care