Tooth decay in young children is on the rise, and most of it is preventable by ensuring regular visits to the dentist. Indeed, the potential physiological and psychological issues that could occur when children’s oral health is neglected reinforce the importance of early dental care.  These include early childhood caries (ECC), primary tooth loss, injuries related to sports, damage from extensive thumb sucking, and potential dietary issues that may impact a healthy mouth.  Left untreated, these can lead to dental decay, tooth loss, gum problems, a need for orthodontics, and can even affect speech development.

Silver Valet Dental Care is committed to our littlest clients and aims to provide a dental environment that is warm, caring, and fun.  Our team will work with children and their parents to build a comprehensive, personalized treatment plan as a foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth.  This includes combining clinic treatment and home care to help prevent tooth decay and extensive dental treatment.  We aim to make the dental experience pleasant and as enjoyable as possible to facilitate a positive attitude towards dental health in your child.